Colanhomm Photo Page

Over the years I have taken hundreds of photos at events. This page provides links to those I have been able to get on-line in a variety of places. Each link will open a new window.

2007 20062005200420032002200120001990's1980's
Battle Abbey Abbotsbury TFBO - Binder Lake Svernake Althing Old Sarum 2003 Morden 2002 Hastings 2001 British Museum 2000 Dublin Museum
Tewkesbury 1985 and
Iver 1987
Dun and Eawyn are Wed The Raven Spring Banquet 2005 Torvik Vapnartak 2004 Lilies War 2003 Hounslow 2002 Old Sarum 2001 Hastings 2000 Hastings 1999
Banquet 2004 Kirby Hall 2002 Portchester 2001 Asheridge 2000
Amlwch 2004 Bolsover 2001 Hook Norton 2000
Kenilworth 2004 Banquet 2001 Chippenham 2000
Kenilworth 2004 LH Kirby Hall 2000
Kenilworth Castle 2000

The following webpages are - mostly - short photo esssays on a variety of subjects.

Leather Shoulder Bag Shield Knifs Vin Jude
Pritwell Prince Silver Scourge Taplow Burial Cuerdale Hoard Dublin Museum

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